Inspirational Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Poets, Artists, Travellers and Happy People share their formula for finding HAPPY and living their lives in true technicolour.

One Tribe Magazine Issue 1 – Contributing Authors…

Ani Manukyan (Self-love and social media) – Natalia Dewiyani (Laughter with cancer) – Kimberly Block (What makes you feel alive?) – Vanessa Louise Moore (Happiness by nature) – Steve Carr (From MESS to SUCCESS) – Kalpna Suthar (What is Happiness) – Sarah McVanel-Viney (The shadows of stigma) – Larry Rosenberg (The allure of Sedona) – Vicky Ross (Having some certainty) – Andy Ferguson (Life can be cruel) – Callum Burnham (The disguise) – Keith Claridge (Controlling your emotions) – Lorianne (LA) De Loreto (Lover of Life) – Jennifer Thorp (I think therefore I am happy) – Andrea Reibmayr (Trust leadership) – Sunniva Holt (Don’t like where you are, move) – Torie Wade (Choose her over everything) – Davina MacKail (Putting your dreams to work) – David Bernard-Stevens (The concept leadership) – Karen McNulty (Remove I can’t from your life) – Marie Tolman (Living my life purpose) – Baiju Solanki (A game changing impact)


One Tribe Magazine - Lorianne De Loreto

Lorianne De Loreto

Mother of three amazing children, Trusted friend, Lover of life, nature, diversity, people & giving, Defender of the Underdog, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, and CEO.



One Tribe Magazine - Kalpna Suthar

Kalpna Suthar

Kalpna has traveled the world inspiring others through her life-changing books, success coaching, workshops, training and speeches. Her book “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” has also been specially selected to be placed in Queen Elizabeth’s Private Royal Library.



One Tribe Magazine - Kimberly Block

Kimberly Block

Kimberly is a word artist, poem star, a life interpreter, a conduit of the universe, and a walking fortune cookie.



One Tribe Magazine - Steve Carr

Steve Carr

Steve is one of the UK’s most active Motivational Speakers & Mental Health Campaigners.



One Tribe Magazine - David Bernard-Stevens

David Bernard-Stevens

David is CEO at Effective Change Consultants in Kenya. Leadership, Learning how to think differently, and leading by core values and purpose for sustainable and meaningful change.



One Tribe Magazine - Marie Tolman

Marie Tolman

Marie is  living ner life purpose as a spiritual being having a human experience.



One Tribe Magazine - Davina MacKail

Davina MacKail

Davina’s passion is to encourage the magnificence of humanity.  She is dedicated to bringing out the best in people. She uses her eclectic talents to inspire you to live your authentic truth and realise your greatest dreams



One Tribe Magazine - Andy Ferguson

Andy Ferguson

Andy has a gift for using story telling and metaphors to help us understand ourselves and our world more fully. He is passionate about connecting to people, learning from their experiences and their wisdom and encouraging them to share this with others.



One Tribe Magazine - Ani Manukyan

Ani Manukyan

Ani is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, speaker & philanthropist and also runs “Activate your Power to a Life You Love”  retreats in Slovenia



One Tribe Magazine - Andrea Reibmayr

Andrea Reibmayr

Andrea Reibmayr is a Transformational Coach, international bestselling author of “Trust Leadership: Take Responsibility Use Success, and Transform”. She believes we all have the potential for greatness by becoming aware and leveraging our strengths. Everyone is a leader and we need to wake up and make a difference in our lives, our families, our teams, our organizations and our world.



One Tribe Magazine - Jennifer Thorp

Jennifer Thorp

Jennifer expresses the why behind her happy.  ‘Happiness is a naturally occurring choice  – it’s in my DNA.’



One Tribe Magazine - Vanessa Louise Moore

Vanessa Louise Moore

As a transformational mentor and speaker my belief is that every woman globally can discover her true beauty within!  Where this is a woman there is a way!



One Tribe Magazine - Baiju Solanki

Baiju Solanki

Award-winning business man & Tedx speaker Baiju Solanki is now the CEO/Founder of EnSpirit Global: a platform that serves to awaken, instil and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit in all of those who wish to live their best life.



One Tribe Magazine - Vicky Ross

Vicky Ross

Following a vibrant 30-year career, coaching and training more than 5000 people, Vicky Ross has distilled her experience into a holistic course that empowers you to discover your purpose in life.



One Tribe Magazine - Keith Claridge

Keith Claridge

Feel great about yourself with Experience The Switch.



One Tribe Magazine - Callum Burnham

Callum Burnham

As an Inspirational youth poet Callum loves sharing his work to inspire others to their greatness.



One Tribe Magazine - Natalia Dewiyani

Natalia Dewiyani

What happens when a happiness coach meets cancer? It becomes her story to spread happiness…
with a twist..



One Tribe Magazine - Sunniva Holt

Sunniva Holt

Sunniva will encourage you to be more, have more, do more. To raise the vibration of the planet and watch the magic unfold. This applies to your health, your business, your relationships, your money, your body  – every part of your life.



One Tribe Magazine - LArry Rosenberg

Larry Rosenberg

Larry is providing Wisdomtainment Shows of one-man musical comedy; Workshops on singing for healing, growing and sharing; Life coach to manifest a creative, loving, joyful and peaceful life; and Motivational speaker for how to find passion and purpose in your life.



One Tribe Magazine - Torie Wade

Torie Wade

Change Maker – Freedom Seeker – Dream Weaver – Just a good woman trying to be a better woman while inspiring and helping the next woman. If your dreams don’t scare you. They’re not big enough.



One Tribe Magazine - Karen McNulty

Karen McNulty

It is Karen’s belief that if you remove I can’t from your life – anything is possible.



One Tribe Magazine - Sarah McVanel-Viney

Sarah McVanel-Viney

Sarah supports individuals, teams and organizations to live into their greatness through solution-focused customized coaching, facilitation, training and consulting services.



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